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Handheld Computer

In the case of the handheld computer, more often than not a feint LCD screen is either UV light damage or simple lack of battery power. Usually when the Rubber bit you will lose segments of the LCD screen but the remaining segments are generally still dark. I used to have a handheld computer, it was a brilliant little thing, keep entertain longer than such a simple device probably should have. the LCD screen on the handheld computer was just a bit naff, but its actually quite good. To minimize the rejection rate, each active device is inspected and as many is repaired as possible. In addition, active matrix assemblies are inspected immediately after the photoresist etching step and again after the liquid crystal material is injected.

Handheld computers—also known as personal digital assistants (PDAs)—are small, portable devices that offer users many of the same features and capabilities as desktop computers at a fraction of the size. Although the terms "handheld computer" and "PDA" are often used interchangeably, handhelds tend to be larger and feature miniature keyboards, while PDAs tend to be smaller and rely on a touch screen and stylus for data entry.
sold by: by dealer/agent with fee
condition: new
Phone No.: +1(213)6173302
URL: http://
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handheld computer
handheld computer
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